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by Maurice McElroy




Hawker Hurricane (2012)


Copper Foil and Lead Came- 50cm wide x 36cm high
featured in issue 15 of Aviation Classics magazine



Maurice is a many faceted artist. He has been a working drummer from the age of 14, a drummer/percussionist and singer-songwriter with Spikedrivers since 1999, an aviation photographer and most recently has found a new medium in glass. He has always considered art to be a form of communication. As a musician he seeks to evoke emotion in the listener and with photography, to capture a moment in time.

But working in glass is very different. You cannot do a photo representation of a specific aeroplane without using paint or stain to reproduce the correct detailing. Maurice works mainly in copper-foiled glass and sees it as an extraction of a series of shapes in an attempt to fool the eye into seeing not a specific plane but the more simplified and elemental spirit of the plane. As this is only the beginning of his journey, we certainly look forward to seeing future works...

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Harrier Jump Jet (2011)


Copper Foil - 60cm wide x 25 high
featured in issue 11 of Aviation Classics magazine





Supermarine S6B (2010)


Copper Foil
41cm wide x 29cm high





Joe Gracey memorial panel
by Maurice McElroy & Constance Redgrave (2012)


Lead Came
29cm x 21 high



Erica's house number (2011)


Lead Came
31cm wide x 28 high




Mum's lamp (2011)


Copper foil 4 panels
12cm wide x 18cm high




Tiger from Chinese paper cut (2011)


Etched Glass
16cm wide x 19cm high




Yew Tree B&B Pencils (2011)


Lead Came
30 wide x 45 high



Baz & Anita's Panel (2010)l

Lead Came
25cm wide x 30 high


Dish (2007)

Fused Slumped Glass


Constance's Panels ((2010)

Lead Came
each 21cm wide x 39 high



My Lamp (2008)

Copper foil 4 panels
15cm wide x 19cm high







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