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Update August 2019: After 30 years of vintage gear which I have loved passionately, unfortunately I have now reached a stage of life where it’s time to let go of things I can’t move myself… so out with the old and in with the new:

Little Mark 250 Black Line Amp Head (Weight: 2.6 kg ) and a John Dixon 2x10 bass cabinet (Weight: 11 kg . They sound great! My sincere thanks to John Gordon for his recomendaitons and to John Dixon for building my cab personally.

Thank you both so much.




The Old Stuff

62 Fender Precision
Maurice and I were wandering around LA hunting for a drum warehouse and stopped to ask directions at a little guitar shop we saw. This guitar was hanging on the wall by the front door and I heard it yelling at me the moment we walked in. I played one note and handed them a credit card. She has the sound I had always imagined bass should have. I honestly can't imagine playing anything else.

I use flat wound strings tuned to BEAD (no G string)

Selmer Treble and Bass 50 Mark III amplifier

Maurice found this amp in an abandoned house many years ago and it was sitting in a corner gathering dust. One night we plugged it in and after the smoke has cleared, it started to sound really nice. A service and few new tubes by John Kelly every couple of years and she keeps on truckin'.

Kelly (Electronics) Ltd
020 7359 8001
28 Rheidol Mews London N1 8NU

I use 2 x Gallien Kruger cabinets with 15 inch Electro Voice bass speakers


Selmer Truvoice

My back -up amp was almost a gift. Our friend Pete Boulter was having a clear out and made me an offer I couldnt refuse. It dosnt get out much unless I am playing with Wes Weston.

Mostly it sits in my living room and look really pretty.

Other guitars:

Psyco Precision
1956 Fender body with a custom black ebony neck and a strange wood vener scratch plate.

Used in my Christian Death days, my tutor Tim Emmons from BIT The Bass Institute in Hollywood sold me this guitar. It evidently has a history of women owners.

Steve Cropper autographed it when I was fortuanate enough to play with him at the Colne Blues Festival.



Eko Semi Accoustic Violin Bass
Used on Natalie Walks Play a sample of Natalie Walks, I have had this violin bass since 1980. It was a gift from my friend Elliott Randell and has been used on many albums and videos. She is fretless, fun and usually hangs on my living room wall as art.


Mexican Retro Fender Jazz
Used on Queen of the One Night Stand Play a sample of Queen of the One Night Stand, she was an impulse buy in a guitar shop in Hollywood and she needs to get out more. So pretty....




Zydeco Washboard

Played with dog brushes, bottle openers and a quails egg wisk, I bought this off a mad cajon at the Shetland Island Folk Festival in the late 80s. He had a suitcase full of them and I just loved the sound of it. It paid for itself within the first week when I was asked to do a gig with Pierre La Rue. I wouldn't call myself a particularly amazing washboard player, but I do enjoy it immensely.


Other Percussion and Intruments include:
Whale bones, goats toe nails, camel bells, a wooden frog and various sizes of dog brush. I like to make interesting sounds. A few wind instruments have made it onto our albums along the way as well.

Flute: used on When Love Begins Play a sample of When Love Begins
Harmonica: used on the Massey Ferguson Blues Play a sample of Massey Ferguson Blues
Melodica: used on Baby Born Play a sample of Baby Born



'Gas Cooker' DI

I don't own one but I wish I did. On our first three albums Phill Brown I used a Gass Cooker. Great bass sound for analogue recording of tube amps and old guitars. On 'seven' we moved to digital recording and I guess it wasn't necessary any longer. Isn't it pretty though? I am such a sucker for old knobs and pretty colours.




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